Thomas is a leader in a global pharmaceutical company. He works as Head of Operational Excellence in a Medical Device Development Unit. Acting as a change agent he is driving a continuous and sustainable improvement culture. Thomas has several years of experience in classical Waterfall-like project execution, as well as in agile Hardware Development, agile Portfolio Management using Kanban and leading Change and Agile Transformation in conservative and highly regulated environment. Agile education: Enterprise Kanban Coach (EKC) Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) Kanban Management Professional (KMP) Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT)

Aim High – Start Small

“Aim high – Start small, but start!” that was my answer to the question in how to get started with an agile transformation. Thankful that I have been invited to … Continue reading Aim High – Start Small

Autoagil Podcast

What has automotive development in common with medical device development? In both areas there are many processes, standards, regulations. More on this topic I discussed with Leonid Lezner in his … Continue reading Autoagil Podcast

My slides from Manage Agile 2019 are available

For all who want to revisit my talk “Changing Pharma: Wie ein MS Project Plan mein Leben veränderte” I hold at the Manage Agile Conference 2019 in Berlin, the Slides … Continue reading My slides from Manage Agile 2019 are available

#ChangingPharma: Operationalizing Strategy

Do you think Agile in Pharma is impossible? Is strategy something that do for 2 days every 12 month with your top level managers? Do you believe people cannot volunteer for their projects? Then be careful – this video might scare you!

Kanban University Accredited Kanban Trainer

Now it is official: I´m a Kanban University Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT). From now on I can and will provide Certified Kanban Trainings within my company. So much looking forward … Continue reading Kanban University Accredited Kanban Trainer

#Empowering.Team meets #DBART

I am really looking forward to speaking tomorrow at the Agile Round Table of DB. Had the pleasure of joining this great event several times so fare as a participant. … Continue reading #Empowering.Team meets #DBART

Value-oriented Work Breakdown

What are possibilities to slice down your product requirements and structure your backlog in order to increase impact for your customer? This is the question that Carolin Salz and I tried to answer. In a previous post we we already shared her personal journey from Project Management to value-oriented business agility. With this post we want to share some of our results with you.

From Project Management to value-oriented business agility

From Project Manager to Agile practitioner. That’s in short the story of Carolin Salz. Today she supports companies where you might not even expect agile development – like carpenters or construction companies. Not for introducing Scrum in their IT department, but striving for more agility in their business processes. This is the first of two posts on our work related to deriving a value-oriented Product Strategy.

Read: The Principles of Product Development Flow

From Donald G. Reinertsen What you will learn: The current approach to product development has institutionalized a set of dysfunctional beliefs. Besides others, beliefs like the one that Efficiency is good or that … Continue reading Read: The Principles of Product Development Flow