QUESTI?N EVERYTHING (18/01): Isabel De Clercq

“A knowledge worker who doesn’t share his knowledge actually damages the organization.” – Isabel De Clercq

This quote is taken from the great book “Social Technologies in Business“. In first place it sounds like a strenuous appeal for workers to be more proactive. Actually it is a calling for anyone in modern organizations to create an environment where people can spread knowledge and learn from each other – regardless which function, nation, gender or hierarchy level they might belonging to. Speed of innovation is about not reinventing good ideas twice. If you want to speed-up your flow of sustainable ideas – ensure everyone in your company has access to all relevant information and understand the importance to share their knowledge. This is true for both – great ideas proven and failed ideas not shown effective. Not failing the same experiment twice is sometimes more worth as building on a valid information for your next step.

Thanks Isabel for bringing it up! This quote goes to the core of why we need to continue #EMPOWERING.TEAMSs

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