Exchange on value based task breakdown with Carolin Salz

Prioritizing the product backlog and being focused on doing the right things first needs clarity about the conditions you are working in. Product Owners need to evaluate the circumstances and take into consideration the complexity of their actions and their environment. Depending on this, they need to adapt their approach.

Splitting tasks either in the problem space and use a „probe and adapt“ approach: What creates the highest value for the customers? How can we split this problem into smaller peaces and what can we solve first to gain more insights in the situation. And of cause which risks need immediate action.

Or splitting in the solution space with small fast executable value increments and „just do it“.

There is not such a thing like a „one fits all“ approach, no simple method to mindlessly apply on each problem.

Great exchange with Carolin Salz about this topic with amazing results. Stay turned for more 🎥being published in the near future on

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