What doesn’t fit will be made to fit

© blackred/Getty Images *

Some weeks ago I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Tanja Könemann (Creditreform) for an Article on Agile implementation in large organizations and more conservative environments. She did a great Job in giving an overview and bringing different opinions and experiences related to agile and especially leadership in agile environments together. Mainly interesting for folks without thourough understanding in agile so fare. The interviewees are:

  • Tim Mois, Sipgate
  • Jutta Rump, University of Ludwigshafen
  • Svenja Hofert, Teamworks
  • Thomas van der Burg, Sanofi
  • Florian Herschke, Jochen Schweizer Mydays Group
  • Marion Eickmann, Agile42
  • Thorsten Reitz, TUI.com

You can find the articel “Was nicht passt, wird passend gemacht” (german language) here.

*taken from https://creditreform-magazin.de/2018/06/01/erfolgreich/redaktion/was-nicht-passt-wird-passend-gemacht/

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