Read: Kanban from the Inside

From Mike Burrows

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What you will learn: When did you ever question the habit of putting dates behind each and every activity you are doing? “Until when” seems to be one of the most important questions that a project manager can ask. Mike Burrows wrote a great book called “Kanban from the Inside” that contains valuable theory of the Kanban method for product development combined with practical insights. He doesn´t only challenge traditional systems, but also unrealistic expectations of keeping everything in control while dealing with impacts of the unexpected.

“This much should be obvious: You can´t plan to have everyone occupied 100% of their time on fixed-date work, allow them to be interrupted by expedited items, and still expect predictability. Even without the interruptions, 100% utilization on work that must meet stringent deadlines is a recipe not for efficiency, but extreme unpredictability and delay, not to mention pain at human level.” – Mike Burrows

Thanks Mike for this enlightening book! A must-read for Kanban practitioners and those who want to become one!

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