Read: How Google Works

From Google-CEO Eric Schmidt, Founder Larry Page and Senior Vice President Jonathan Rosenberg.

What you will learn: This book was recommended to me by Sohrab Salimi and first I thought that this is just another Google-Hype-Building novel. But indeed it is a real good source of knowledge, rules, principles and (yes, mainly Google) examples on how to run modern organizations. Topics like culture, strategy, Talent acquisition, decision making, communication, and Innovation are examples of the content. As mentioned, this book was a recommendation to me and now is one from me to you… (BTW: I read the german Version “Wie Google tickt”)

Language: English / German (and many others)

For whom: Agile Coaches, Lean practitioners, Managers, Leaders

Bookstore: Amazon-Link (english) // Amazon-Link (german)

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