Read: Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great

From Esther Derby, Diana Larsen

What you will learn: “Charly went nuts in the planning meeting!”

Continuous inspection and adaptation of procedures, ways of working and interactions is one of the core principles in a collaborative organization. If I should recommend just one „tool“ for your Organisation, frequently holding Retrospectives would be my first choice – “easy” to implement, effective and supporting in team health improvement. But holding Retrospecives in a way that they are valueable and productive for the Teams requires a great deal of attention.

This is why this book is one of the must reads if you want to understand the goal and flow of Retrospectives and how the are conducted worthwhile. It includes a lot of valuable techniques and tools for making the best out of your Retrospectives.

And – of cause – you will learn what made Charly going nuts…!

Language: English

For whom: Scrum Master, Agile Coaches, Lean practitioners

Bookstore: Amazon-Link

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