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Description: Johannes is an Agile Coach focussed on Leadership and Team Coaching. Since 2003 he is applying and coaching agile principles and practices and knows from experience that companies do not achieve agility through many agile teams, but through agile interactions between teams involved in entrepreneurial value creation. Therefore, Johannes supports companies in anchoring agility in the entire value stream “from concept to cash”, since this is how companies gain Business Agility. As an Agile Coach, Enterprise Kanban Coach, Kanban Management Professional, Scrum Master and Scrum Trainer he is passionate about communicating agile ways of thinking and working like Design Sprints, (Scaled) Scrum, (Enterprise) Kanban and DevOps / Continuous Delivery.

Knowing him, I´m impressed by his structured approach and his personal drive to continuous learn and improve how to serve his customers even better. I would especially recommend his training sessions.

Who: Enterprise Kanban Coaching colleague Johannes Geske

Language: German /English

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