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Here you can find a summary of external references and publications about us and our work.

Interviews and Videos

Medical Device Development, Flight Levels and Scrum

Thomas was interviewed by Klaus Leopold for his video Blog on Lean Business Agility. The topic was on how we try to manage our portfolio in having a cross-functional Organisation: a team of teams that can support eachother by not loosing too much efficacy by dependencies. Here you can find the result:

Interview with Klaus Leopold

Autoagil Podcast

What has automotive development in common with medical device development? In both areas there are many processes, standards, regulations. More on this topic I discussed with Leonid Lezner in his Autoagil Podcast (German).

Business Agility Podcast

“Aim high – Start small, but start!” that was my answer to the question in how to get started with an agile transformation. Thankful that I have been invited to the Business Agility Podcast of my friends and colleagues Carolin Salz und Simon Klaiber (german).

Panel Discussion at LKCE2018

What does it take to successfully change an organization, that is continuously able to adapt to the needs of its customers? How can Kanban help to achieve this state? This question was addressed to Jonathan Smart (Former Barcleys), Kristine Kiwit and Kathrin Schröder (both Otto Group) and Thomas van der Burg (Sanofi). Thanks Markus Andrezak for the moderation! Here is the video record:

Quotes and Mentions

“Was nicht passt wird passend gemacht” (Creditreform, 2018)

Thomas had the pleasure to be interviewed by Tanja Könemann (Creditreform) for an Article on Agile implementation in large organizations and more conservative environments. She did a great Job in giving an overview and bringing different opinions and experiences related to agile and especially leadership in agile environments together:


What doesn’t fit will be made to fit

Conference Talks and Presentations

#LKCE18 Talk

At the Lean Kanban Central Europe conference 2018 Thomas was giving a talk on Visual Workmanagement. He explains his personal leadership learnings during an agile transformations and gives some insights in managing a portfolio of different products with multiple teams.

Here you can find the Sildes of the talk.

Manage Agile 2019

For all who want to revisit my talk “Changing Pharma: Wie ein MS Project Plan mein Leben veränderte” I hold at the Manage Agile Conference 2019 in Berlin, the Slides are now published:

Agile Round Table – DB Systel

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