Kanban – Videos

Agile Project Managenent with Kanban

Who: Eric Brechner

Recommendation: Understanding of Scrum and Agile recommended

Language: English

Description: Eric Brechner explains Kanban by applying Kanban. Nice tube.

Duration: 01:07:15

Lean Business Agility

Who: Klaus Leopold

Recommendation: Beginners, Managers

Language: English

Description: Klaus presents principles of business agility and why it’s not sufficient to simply make your teams agile:agile is not a team sport- agile is corporate sport!

Duration: 48:46

Kanban in less than 5 minutes

Who: Angelo Coppola (Axosoft)

Recommendation: Beginners

Language: English

Description: This video will help you learn the essentials of Kanban and how it relates to the Scrum software development methodology in less than 5 minutes!

Duration: 04:08


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