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#LKCE18 Talk and Panel Discussion

Visual Workmanagement at Sanofi – A Journey towards organizational effectiveness

At the Lean Kanban Central Europe conference 2018 Thomas van der Burg was giving a talk on Visual Workmanagement. He explains his personal leadership learnings during an agile transformation and gives some insights in managing a portfolio of different products with multiple teams. Here is the full 30 min presentation.

Thanks for inviting me! I think it´s an honor to speak at this huge conference in front of so much educated Kanban practitioners and on Stage with so fantastic colleagues. – Thomas van der Burg

Here are the Slides of the LKCE18 Talk.

Panel Discussion: Successful organizational change with Kanban

What does it take to successfully change an organization, that is continuously able to adapt to the needs of its customers? How can Kanban help to achieve this state? This question was addressed to Jonathan Smart (Former Barcleys), Kristine Kiwit and Kathrin Schröder (both Otto Group) and Thomas van der Burg (Sanofi). Thanks Markus Andrezak for the moderation! Here is the video record:

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