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Agile and Lean development is resounded throughout the land. When we started to engage in agile methodologies several years ago it was hard for us as “non-Software” folks to find a good start for getting a general idea of what Agile and Lean development means for us and in our environment. With this page we want to support people like us in finding the right information for their questions – mainly focused on Agile Leadership and Product Development Strategies. And we want to invite everyone to contribute and suggest ideas, topics and information!

You will find several collections, that will be filled over time. Feel invited to suggest content or give feedback!

Our Blog

With our Blog we want to provide some of the major cornerstones of our agile journey and summarize thoughts from inspiring mentors in order to provide both:

  • A first overview of the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of collaborative organizational structures
  • raise curiosity to find out more about agile methods and practices – applied to teams and organizations outside software development.

Read // Visit // Watch

Here you can find books, videos and tubes as well as links to other web-pages that we found helpful in our familiarization to agile. We try to give a short summary and some hints (like experience with agile, where to find,…) – however, of course this Information is subjective. So, our best advice is to be brave and simply dive into the great world of modern ways of working and #EMPOWERING.TEAMs.

Enjoy your journey!


Some Words…

This is a private web-page and all of the published contents are results of our own personal experiences and opinions. They are not published and communicated to reflect our employers opinion.

Most of the pictures we use are from Pixabay.com. Great platform with a variety of high class pictures!

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